How do I get to Tobago ?

Useful link here at My Tobago information page.

Whats your payment policy ?

Usually we accept a booking commitment ahead of your dive in order to confirm the window.  This can be done via a Wire Transfer or similar.  However, if this is not possible then we accept cash, MasterCard or VISA Credit cards when you're on-island.

Where are you located ?

We're on the South-western coast of Tobago on the picturesque Stonehaven Bay Beach.  This is our map location.

How much does our Snorkeling and Dive trips cost ?

See our Services and Options.

New to diving and want to know more about it ?

Discover all about diving under PADI !

Already certified and want to progress your skills ?

Learn about the PADI options and our Service Pricing.

Want to know more about Tobago ?

Check out the Tobago Tourism Agency and Go Beyond Ordinary, My Tobago Information page and the Association of Tobago Dive Operators (ATDO)

What about the Dive Sites ?

You'll get a small sample of whats on offer from us HERE or from the Tobago Association of Dive Operators.